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Market Cap


Launch Date

01 January, 2022


Rabid mongoose is a phoenix rising from the ashes. Everyone on the dev team and in the community has one thing in common - a collective hatred of rug pulls. The devs behind this project were all scammed on a project together. 

Instead of sitting on their losses, they banded together and launched $RABIDMONGOOSE. They even airdropped $rabid to those who held the coin they were rugged in. You will not find more genuine and hard working devs in this space. 

Incredibly bullish on this project. People are looking for a safu project to put their eth into. This one checks all the boxes. They survived two bot attacks in stride.

These devs know how to build a community and keep a community engaged with events like buybacks and giveaways for bigger buys.  


Buy and Sell Tax: 15% each

3% Liquidity 

2% Marketing 

10% Buybacks

TOTAL SUPPLY : 69,000,000,000,000 TOKENS


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