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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

27 December, 2021


A Binance Smart Chain network (BSC) token "BEP-20" 
Bitcoin-COPY (BTC-C) A token with a single purpose, with a single goal, and with a single function. Being Bitcoin (BTC) copy on your creation network. 
A token, a purpose, a goal and a function to be executed. In a single force, at all, with everyone, for all, by all, for financial growth, and always security. 

" This cryptocurrency (token) was created to be a copy of the best parts of Bitcoin (BTC). 
As for being a cryptocurrency (token) to remember Bitcoin (BTC) in its name and some other small details. 
And also thinking about the financial benefits for those who have it, and for those who have had it since their growth phase (Equally Bitcoin BTC). 
So we also want and will strive to follow this path. "

Created to be used as a bargaining chip. 
Be accepted for buying / selling physical or digital products or services. 
As long as the person accepts to receive it as a form of payment, and the other person has to pay using Bitcoin-COPY (BTC-C).

A project to remember another cryptocurrency and to try to bring to the holders the same financial gains and benefits of the copied cryptocurrency.

* Blocked liquidity 

This is all for you. It's for you. It's yours. 

Enjoy now! Liquidity is 100% blocked for 7 years. 

See the of Mudra Lock Certificate here:

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