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Launch Date

11 November, 2021


SHIBA SHIT (SHISHI) is a token on BSC that was created at a time when a multitude of Shiba and dog tokens in general was created, many of them scams or fishy projects. SHISHI was created as a joke as the total opposite. Its liquidity is locked long term and it will not be abandoned quickly just to create the next project.

SHISHI has so far no purpose but to make fun of those Shiba and dog tokens, especially the ones that claim to have a much bigger purpose or use case. SHISHI does not fool possible investors by making huge promises that then will not be kept. The website was created before trading went live and all of the few promises SHISHI makes have already been fulfilled or will be fulfilled soon.

SHISHI is proud to accept it is a shit token and does not claim to be more than it actually is.

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