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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

05 January, 2022


The First Cake in the MetaVerse! πŸš€ METACAKE πŸš€ | High PancakeSwap Cake Rewards | PRESALE LIVE! Dont miss your piece of cake on the Moon. πŸ€‘ Join Telegram Community!

Welcome to the Metaverse with #MetaCake!

The Metaverse is a collective virtual space created by the convergence of virtually augmented physical reality and physically persistent virtual space - including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality and the internet.

PancakeSwap is used by millions. Trusted with billions. PancakeSwap has the most users of any decentralized platform, ever.

We will distribute our Rewards in $CAKE on the Binance Smart Chain where you can earn passive income with crypto. PancakeSwap makes it easy to make your crypto work for you. So you can stake your $CAKE on and earn compounded interest on your Rewards from #MetaCake.

With the NFT Marketplace from PancakeSwap you can use your Rewards to participate in the Metaverse. #MetaCake is your right choice and will lead you in the MetaVerse!

#MetaCake will be the opportunity to jump on a token which will enter the future. Our first Marketing Strategie will be to cooperate with some big YouTuber and Influencer from different Platforms.

This projects origin is from Europe and we as a team sacrifice every free Minute into this project. We're thinking of entering a new Era in the Metaverse.

A project with vision, with the sight and the strength of will, we are ready to succeed. If you know the Metaverse, you know this has exponential Potencial.

πŸ—’ Tokenomics:

❇️ 6% $Cake Rewards // 4% Liquidity // 5% Marketing

Max. Supply: 5 Billion Tokens ♨️ 50% Burn at launch!

⚠️ PRESALE-CONTRACT: 0x8e6bB895aB0332251ae5F9d3380BbCA9221AfB70


βœ… Step 1:

- Launch on Pancakeswap finance

- Designing our social media (includes the Website)

- The final launch of our designs (includes Social Media and Website)

- Pancakeswap Logo

- First Steps of marketing

- AMAs regulary

βœ… Step 2:

- Twitter and Shilling Contests

- Website Improvement

- Coingecko Listing

- Coinmarketcap Listing

- Revealing the first NFT's for the "Meta Verse"

βœ… Step 3:

- Huge Marketing Push

- Cooperation with Projects already in the Metaverse or are about in to it

- Creative Contest for every Holder (Memes, Gifs, (...))

βœ… Step 4:

- CEX Listing

- Audit

- Release of the MetaCake NFT Collection for the Metaverse


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