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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

02 January, 2022


The Infinity $RIZE token provides the Rize Network with native end-to-end utility & governance throughout our community-driven protocol. Serving as the primary transactional token network-wide, $RIZE is a powerful & stackable token with infinite possibility. 

Rize Network is community-driven, DeFi, 3.0 protocol built by a passionate group of blockchain fanatics and innovators. The Rize Network fills the voids left undiscovered in the DeFi ecosystem and works to improve upon them. The Rize Network has been designed with the future in mind and will be able to accommodate any new innovations or projects built on top of it 


🐋 Anti-Whale Max Transaction limit 800,000 or .2% Total Supply 

Initial Token Supply: 800,000,000

Buy Fees: 5%

  • 2% Reflections 

  • 2% Rewards Vault

  • 1% Infinity Vault 

Sell Fees: 10%

  • 3% Reflections 

  • 2% Rewards Vault 

  • 5% Infinity/Network 

Transfer Fees 0%

Rewards Vault - Staking & NFT Rewards

Infinity Vault - ITDS (Infinite Token Defense Strategy)  

Network Vault - Marketing 

🔥 Rize Network Treasury 

Treasury BNB Distribution

  • 20% Marketing 

  • 20% Development/Expansion 

  • 25% Future Exchange Liquidity

  • 30% Team & Contractors 

Initial Token Distribution

  • 0%  - Dev Distribution

  • 26.5% - Future Exchange Liq

  • 35% - Rewards Vault

  • 3.5% - Marketing

  • 10% - Existing RZE Holder Airdrop

  • 11.5% - Early Launch Sale & LP

  • 13.5% - Launch BURN

🔐 All initial network vaults protected by Gnosis Safe Multi-Signature SmartContracts

🔮 Our diverse team is dedicated to growing the $RIZE ecosystem with a focus on transparency, innovation and sustainability. The Rize Network is a platform for future-proofed utility and liquidity, powered by the Infinity Rize Token ($RIZE). Coming to an Ecosystem near you.

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