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29 December, 2021


Diversity or ” DVT ” (BEP20) is the most ambitious project of its kind: Started in 2021. Our team seeks to benefit and eventually replace, what we interpret today as the financial system. While helping the planet and all of humanity along the way. Diversity is so much more than a cryptocurrency, we are a movement that aims to benefit the needs of the people through disrupting the current financial system by positively impacting the lives of people around the world through the mass adoption of our cryptocurrency and the blockchain. Diversity is here to introduce you to the potential future of the financial system and how, if we act fast enough, together we can regain the control that has been taken by the ”elite” and central banks. Here at Diversity we believe it is in the publics interest to stand up and fight, and using the blockchain technology it has never been easier, but first you must understand how it works.
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