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21 December, 2021


At Baby Clifford Inu we are returning to the essence of what memecoins were designed to be. We’re creating a decentralized community where every holder of $BBCLIFF is an active part of our team and contributes to our overall success. We have prioritized building a strong community, through an organic grassroots campaign without relying on expensive artificial marketing.

As we continue to build up our foundation, our community is engaged and motivated to keep holding the coin as they have a stake in the community and a part to play in it’s future.

As we progress forward towards our milestones, we are working towards our goal of developing the first meme-centric DEX run by a decentralized community. We are bridging the memecoin community into the regular world by creating an easy to use app to onboard non-crypto users to the wild and wonderful world of crypto, through memecoins.

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