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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

27 December, 2021


Geralt Coin is a Play2Earn game on BSC network with the goal to create the wonderful world of Witcher in Crypto.

Heroes can be minted with $WITCHER token which will allow players to play different game modes.

Beast Hunt - Witchers will ravage the land to hunt different monsters for rewards. Setup your team and send them out for a hunt and earn more Coin!

Notice Board - Take a mission from the board and start this exciting single player game! Kill all the enemies to meet with the mighty beasts!

PVP - Fight other witchers in this competitive game mode! You can select 1-vs-1 or 4-vs-4 modes.

Upgrades - Upgrades allow players to level up their heroes.

Shop - Buy Potions to increase stats for a shorter time period and fight against tough enemies more easily.

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