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Market Cap


Launch Date

20 December, 2021


BBPC9000 is the world's first multi-faceted meme project. We consider ourselves the backbone of the New Financial System; forming the bridge between BILBROS and Normies. BBPC9000 is decentralized ; every BilboBaggin member is held accountable for the progress of this token to succeed as the ultimate token used universally. We are here to fill the gap, in not only the Meme token world but currencies worldwide as we are built on 3 Pillars: Trust, Transparency and Chad behavior. BBPC9000 aims to surpass the federal reserve and be the official currency of the USA and by proxy the world. 


BBPC9000 is the end game, it is the final Meme token and the only one that will stand the test of time.

Launch Date : December 20th 2021

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