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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

21 December, 2021


MetaBullish is set to be the most Bullish Token in the Metaverse and in the BSC space generally. 

Had a stressful and empty year in this space? Well, MetaBullish is presented to you as a gift on a platter of diamonds. 

The contract dev is Monkey Shanti and the Bullish dev is Dave. 

Dave is fully video doxxed; you can find his picture on the website as well. 

The team has been KYC verified by Pinksale and contract as been successfully audited by InterFi Networks. 

The MetaBullish p2e game is live. 

NFT avatar creator is in process. 

This is An avatar maker where you can create a character by selecting your attributes (face shape, eyes, nose, ears, body shape, clothing, etc). After creating your character, you can mint it as an NFT. But if someone has created that likeness before, you can’t mint that particular character, therefore you have to buy it to use it. The original creator will get a share of the sale.

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