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14 December, 2021


Congress is showing their hand by trying to regulate away the new found freedom of finance DeFi has brought to millions.
Senator Karen is a project that will hold congress accountable through the very thing they fear.
Each congress member who tries to stifle innovation will be immortalised on the blockchain as their very own Karen NFT.
You may ask yourselves how everything started..? Well.. take a look:
-Senator Karen NFTs will only be mintable using $KAREN. Senator Elizabeth "Karen" Warren has the honor of going first.
-will take place on FRIDAY 17th 23.59 UTC on their website
- supply : 100 NFTS
- bidding to mint, so there are no gas wars, you bid if you want to
You can buy $KAREN from here ( don`t forget, you need this token in order to purchase the NFTS)

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