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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

15 December, 2021


Matrix Land is the first fully metaverse world made for action lovers on the BSC. 

100% completely carefree digital action experience of agents.

Our game will be online at our website and we will develop our game as time goes on. 

As the times goes on and our game reach its final form and things about metaverse became clearer we will move to metaverse world. 

Everybody will login throught an account which interlinked to a wallet 

From our website 

(we will secure everybodys account through special security programs renown at the world) 

And we will sure to have security protokol has been approved by authority) 

With your chosen character you will bet on matrixland coin and system will decide your match 

Before match start you will have to chose red pill or blue pill then game will start 

The winner will take betted money while loser will have to chance for a rematch 

Though the winner has to agree 

At the later stage of game your game in character will be designed 

And this character will be integrated at the metaverse world after our moving. 

We are full of enthusiasm and hope about future 

We own the future and will write our glory with your assistance, join us and own your future as well

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