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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

16 December, 2021


🔥CPPAY | The Future of Merchant Crypto Payments:Pay expenses and earn $CPPAY rewards with your crypto tokens.

What We Do?

CPPAY Wallet incorporates ERC-1363 EIP to allows customers to spend crypto at ecommerce stores and local café or restaurant. Our objectives are to provide a decentralized, private and pennies-cost instant payment.

💎CPPAY Ecosystem💎

✅CPPAY Wallet - Make and track payment, stake and earn $CPPAY tokens. Supports iOS + Android

✅CPPAY Ecommerce - Ecommerce plugin to enable online payments for Shopify and major ecommerce platforms

✅CPPAY Point of Sales (POS) - POS system for brick and mortar offline merchants

✅CPPAY Reward system - Reward system to reward users as they spend their $CPPAY and other BSC tokens

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