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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

12 December, 2021



Jesus Inu was made for the people around the world. We want to connect the affordability of Binance Smart Chain technology and the community of people with an honorable cause. Let’s make the world of blockchain a better place together.

Our mission:

Our primary cause is to help around the world to achieve a better life standard for others while creating the best charity blockchain community. While doing our best to support the people in need we reward our community members with Jesus Inu tokens from every transaction. Together we can make a difference and once and for all make the blockchain great again.

Fair launch:

Our idea was to create a token that is fair to everyone. What does it mean? Every Jesus Inu believer and holder, including our holy team, has to buy Jesus Inu tokens after launch. There are no Jesus Inu tokens sent from the genesis wallet to any other wallet. Noone can mint any more Jesus inu tokens.

Rewards for Jesus Inu holders:

To benefit our esteemed holders, we have set up a tax to reward our long-term believers for their continuous support of the project. Each Jesus Inu holder receives 6 % (the highest percentage in the market) of tokens from every buy/sell transaction of Jesus Inu tokens. This effectively means that every Jesus inu believer is going to get wealthier simply by holding the Jesus inu token.

Holy map

Launch of the holy website
Marketing promotion of Jesus Inu
Spreading the word about the gift and message of Jesus Inu
5 000 believers in Jesus Inu
Jesus Inu meme contest

2)Spreading the word of Jesus inu
Using influencers to spread the holy word globally
10 000 believers in Jesus Inu
Listing on Coin Gecko Listing
Listing on Coin Market Cap
Listing on other major listing websites
Listing on multiple crypto exchanges
Donations to multiple charities from charity wallet in BNB

3)Helping people around the world
Donations to charities for the holy cause from the charity wallet in BNB
Jesus Inu NFT giveaways
Airdrop of Jesus Inu coins
25 000 Jesus Inu believers
BNB giveaways to Jesus Inu believers

4)Jesus inu going straight through the heaven to the moon
Launch of Jesus swap
Listing on major exchanges
100 000 Jesus Inu believers
Launch of Jesus Wallet Donations to charities for the holy cause from the charity wallet in BNB.
Collaboration with Binance Charity
Launching our own Charity foundation
NFT play-to-earn Jesus Inu game
Jesus INU metaverse
Jesus INU merch drop to NFT holders
Jesus INU hard wallet Partnering with other charities around the world

Taxes on $JesusInu
10 % on buy
6 % to holders
2 % to Liquidity pool
2 % to Charity wallet (wallet address here)

10 % on sell
6 % to holders
2 % to Liquidity pool
2 % to Charity wallet (wallet address here)


The liquidity is locked for 4 years, this guarantees the longevity of the project. The liquidity has been locked through third-party software developed to ensure maximum safety for all parties involved. After unlocking the LP tokens will be auto-burned. View Tx here.
Jesus Inu has been reviewed and fully checked for
- Verified Source Code on BscScan
- Anti-Whale Mechanics
- Fixed Total Supply
- No Minting and Honeypot Mechanics

Charity wallet:

The coins from this wallet will be used for charity and charity only. The donations will be made through an allied nonprofit organization. Every single transaction will be accounted for on our website.


Jesus Inu hodlers can expect to be airdropped rare NFTs. Proceeds from selling NFTs on will be further contributed to the charity cause of this project. Hodlers of Jesus INU NFTs will be entitled to special events, merchandise, and further benefits of the Jesus Inu community.

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