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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

17 December, 2021


XRock Where creators maximize the true value of their NFTs.

A Different NFT Marketplace

Using XRock is simple: make and sell your NFTs through our marketplace.


What’s unique with XRock is that if anyone buys your NFT, 50% of its value gets locked while you get the other half.

XRock Marketplace includes:

— Improved Authentication Protocol:

Register and login safe, use your assets in isolated client's area.

— Cross-Chain Interoperability and integrated exchange:

Imagine you don't need exchange services anymore. It's possible now with XRock (with extra low commissions of course);

— Secure Decentralized Exchange and Trading:

Additional confirmations for external transactions, Oracle trading support. No need to seek for charts — all at once in XRock.

— XROCK token as multipurpose asset:

Not only trading token, XROCK is utter enough to provide safe transactions on our NFT Platform instead of gas. That simply decrease commissions and allows to exchange safe and cheap.

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