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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

10 December, 2021


Large-scale and long-term investment

La-Scale is a community based project involving many people and things.


La-Scale is a community based project involving many people and things, created due to the increasing fraud and rugpull surrounding the crypto space.


La-Scale has a goal for long term investment, where investors can keep their coins for a long term that provides benefits from generation to generation. Everyone wants to put their money in a clean, honest and reliable investment. La-sclae will be one of the largest community-based projects by bringing together as many members as possible in project development. Have efforts in major marketing in a gradual and scheduled manner.

  • Various research that has been done before launching the token.
  • La-scale uses advertisers on social media, has been helped by strong community members for support for get viral.
  • Reach new customers all the time for token development in the future.
  • La-scale promises to develop this token for generations by Adapting the prevailing technological developments.
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