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19 December, 2021


Welcome to DEVCORE, creating solutions for the blockchain one transaction at a time ⚙️

Integrating multiple facets of the current blockchain environment gives DEVCORE a unique opportunity to break new grounds. Want to create your own staking pools? Create your own NFT marketplace without having to go through strenuous and daunting technical structures to create one? Link all of your social media into one platform to connect your crypto world with your social life? The possibilities are limitless through DEVCORE.

DEVCORE is a startup that incorporates multiple aspects of current blockchain systems. In-development, a game that will allow you to automatically earn stake in the token that will include functions of both ERC-721 and IERC-20 contracts to start and provide cross infrastructure innovations, much like swaps work currently. Additional implemented functions allow you to turn your NFT art into real-world items to collect and create into anything you want. Skins for shoes, clothing, consoles, etc.

Pre-sale bonuses (📅 Presale: December 12th (12 PM PST)

DEVCORE is going to be giving away extra tokens to the first 100 people join the whitelist pre-sale! Giving all 100 people 100,000 tokens each (or $100 worth of tokens) as a thank you for investing into the community! 

Adaption: 1 BNB Contribution 💻

Earn 2% back on every transaction +

The adaption tier is for the early investors who want to dip their feet into the project’s upcoming features and help provide feedback while obtaining percentage-based gains while you do. Early access to staking and NFT systems that will be introduced later on in the roadmap BEFORE they go live for the public.

Clairvoyant: 2 BNB Contribution 🧿

Earn 4% back on every transaction & 1 NFT gifted from DEV team +

The clairvoyant tier is for investors who want to be involved in building and shaping the community. Receive an NFT and additional tokens gifted from the DEV team as a thank you for being a loyal and driven part of our community 

Machina: 3 BNB Contribution 🦾

Earn 6% back on every transaction & 3 NFTs gifted from DEV team, access to exclusive Minted NFT marketplace after phase 2 marketplace inception+

The “Machina" tier is for our most devoted, driven, and focused investor. The desire to be highly involved in building and shaping the community and project with us. Encouraging a healthy and focused environment for everyone to participate in. Just as in the previous tiers, you will have access to all early features, systems, discussions, partnerships, and the ability to contribute feedback to the team as we move forward with the project and aim to complete our goals. Access to Beta stake testing, NFT functions, and more that will be finalized and introduced later on in the roadmap before they go live for the public. Access to DEV meetings to discuss features, partnerships, exchange opportunities, etc. for the project and give feedback on 

Receive multiple unique NFTs, additional tokens gifted from the DEV team as a thank you for being a loyal and driven member of our community as well as a gift set aside for all members within this tier as we prepare for launch

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