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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

30 November, 2021


Deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain. Targeted towards content creators, artist, gamers, and streamers. We strive to show support for all creators alike regardless of the genre. Our tokenomics are 6% redistribution, 6% burn, and 6% liquidity tax. Liquidity is locked for 666 years. All team members are fully doxed. We are a registered as a company, FireFlame Inu, LLC.

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2 years before ago

FireFlame Inu has been an amazing journey since presale and launch. Diamond hands!


Steven C Rochester

2 years before ago

FireFlame will change your life, get in now and hold strong! Sellers get REKT!


Phred Bear

2 years before ago

#FireFlame Inu !!!!



2 years before ago

excellent project great support from the developers and remember that patience is rewarded #FireFlameInu



2 years before ago

Fire Flame Inu is a candidate to be the Etherhum of the future with its transparent team and magnificent project. The only thing I want in a project is reliability, which is more than enough in the Fire Flame Inu team.

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