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20 December, 2021


Introducing Mameshiba Inu token:

The famous Mameshiba Inu founds its way into the cryptoverse and is ready to make impact, as it did in the real world.
Mameshiba inu aims to leave its paws into the digital entertainment industry by developing Apps, Games and NFTs. Through marketing events Mameshiba will boost it's reputation to create lifechanging solutions.

Mameshiba Inu's priority offline is creating better chances for children within their educating careers. Mameshiba Inu will be branding as a child's #1 Digital friend. Together with ICT specialists this project is developing Digital scholing programs, using our own NFT's within that system. The first target group will first be schools in underdeveloped countries where we will introduce the digital programs, and we will expand onwards from there. 

Times are changing quickly, and so does technology. Crypto is still early and will eventually grow to be a part of our everyday lives. To reduce the gap between education and technology we found a way to connect the crypto era within a digital school system. This unique project will be noticed by the technology and the brand philosophy being children #1 Digital friend.

To create this environment, partnerships en co-operations are needed. To stimulate this process Mameshiba Inu is developing an online Marketplace for other crypto tokens to Design their own products and manufacturing them via Mameshiba ( Using Mameshiba tokens). This means we will have contact with multiple manufacturers to creating all kinds of merchandise for different target groups. We will lend our exposure to help small and big projects out. When certain projects can contribute to our services we will try to implement them within our digital school system.
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