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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

01 December, 2021


Boji Token was established  with the aim of keeping the famous Boji's name who travels using Istanbul public transportation alive in the blockchain world .  The Token created on Binance Smart Chain. Our cross platform development is bein increased day by day. Some part of our income will be distributed for improving the living conditions of street animals.  Our negotiations with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is  in progress on this issue.  For each transaction, 1% is being sent to all holders.  In addition, the transaction fee of 8% (6% to be used for development and marketing purposes, 2% to support street animals).  On the other hand, the Liquidity pool is locked till 29 October 2023. Also some Boji Tokens will burn first day of every month.

Burned Token : 70 Trillion (10% of Total Supply)

Locked Token : 410 Trillion till 23 April 2022

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