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07 November, 2021


xBMF is the native token of the Lazer DeFi ecosystem and has a wide range of different use cases and utility.

The xBMF token is the governance and reward token for the Lazer DeFi platform. Users will earn fees and yields in xBMF on Lazer DeFi by using the platform’s services and will be able to stake xBMF for additional rewards. Holding xBMF will allow owners to vote on new projects and emission rates. 

xBMF is used as the in-game token for games and other projects launched on the Lazer LaunchPad. For example, the first game developed is Monster Islands with DeFi and GameFi mechanics, using xBMF as the in-game token. 

Lazer DeFi launched 2 NFT collections called BlootMF and Lazer Soda. Simply holding these NFTs earns a daily yield in the form of xBMF tokens, which you can use on Lazer DeFi and games from the Lazer Launchpad. Owners can claim their yield at any time on the website. 

Both BlootMF and Lazer Soda NFT can be purchased on OpenSea.

New projects are on the way and we’re actively seeking out partnerships. xBMF is a gaming, governance, and yield generating token all wrapped into one.

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