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Ethereum Smart Chain



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07 May, 2021


A Multi-Chain Defi Community Token.

KogeCoin represents ownership in KogeFarm. It is a deflationary token that launched via airdrop to all early QuickSwap users who had around 4 weeks to claim. Too often, “fair launched” tokens get sniped by bots who then dump on the rest of us. KogeCoin avoided this problem and built up a strong community of dedicated HODLers.

All unclaimed KogeCoin tokens are being distributed to through our farms.

Holders of KogeCoin will benefit from the fees generated at, an auto-compounding utility built for DeFi users. We view KogeCoin as a token that allows us to grow with the community, and expect to both grow KogeFarm and build other utilities for holders in the future.

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2 years before ago

Kogefarm is the best autocompounder in polygon.. it will give holder of kogecoin (native token) passive income from the protocol fees. No withdrawal fees as well for more flexibility.



2 years before ago

So far the kogefarm performed better than any other yield farming operation I used before, It has no competitors about the fees and the auto-compounding technology they are using is top of its class. The development team is working together with the community and constantly updating their website. You should definitely check out their website.


Tomi Andrei

2 years before ago

Let your money work for you with the best yield farm on polygon and also with the lowest fees on the market.



2 years before ago

This is the best multichain AMM !!!



2 years before ago

Great community, great project and the best autocompounder with the lowest fees.

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