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29 November, 2021


What Is American Dream (ADREAM)?

A community-driven project that promotes global financial wellbeing by empowering the community to not only be in control of their own money but create wealth opportunities for themselves as well as others all around the globe.

ADREAM is the native utility token that will be used for:

  • Holders to receive rewards from every transaction.
  • Staking and farming to receive our Governance tokens.
  • Used for all our future platforms such as Decentralized Finance, Decentralized Exchange, and many more.

How Many ADREAM Tokens Are There in Circulation?

ADREAM Contract was created on November 3rd, 2021 with 100 Trillion ADREAM tokens minted on creation. 5% of the supply was dedicated towards team wallets, 2% went into private sales, 2% was Airdropped to core community members, and 1% to Marketing Wallet. 15% of the total supply was dedicated towards public presale of which 6% got locked into Pancakeswaps Liquidity for 180 days. 35% of the total supply is locked and 3% vested monthly for a minimum of 12 months (All unused tokens are sent back to lock) and finally, the remaining 40% are burned.

Who Are the Founders of ADREAM Project?

ADREAM Project is the brainchild of Joseph Michalek and his co-founder and developer Arturas Ostrauskas, both of whom share a passion for crypto.

The two met in a broken-up crypto community and started talking about how they could change the world.

What is American Dream (ADREAM) currently working on?

ADREAM is already building a Decentralized Exchange, and Decentralized Finance platform for its first utility project. American Dream has a detailed roadmap on the website of their main objectives.

Where Can I Buy American Dream (ADREAM)?

ADREAM is currently only available for trading on Pancakeswap with pairs like ADREAM/BNB. More exchanges listings and pairs will come once the project picks up traction.

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