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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

25 November, 2021


What is Embr? Your gateway to a decentralized world We’ve reimagined how you discover, invest, create and communicate in the cryptosphere. Proprietary smart contracts that run our business (and yours) flawlessly We don’t rely on others to provide a safe, accessible launch platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. Our smart contracts are designed for EMBR from the ground up and audited by best-in-class security consultant company, Hacken. We’re using them for our own launch to boldly prove that they’ll work for you, too. THE EMBR ECOSYSTEM 📱Embr App Track over 100s of your favorite BSC tokens, coins and more. Customize your dashboard so you only see the crypto you care about. Our app’s clean, intuitive navigation feels familiar right away and gives you access to comprehensive market data, wallet holdings and visibility over transactions. 💳Embr Swap & Payment Utility Instantly swap your EMBR with BNB or convert it into USD. With one touch, you can grab lunch with your tokens whenever you want. We are partnering with leading payment processors to bring crypto into your daily transactions.. 🚀IDO Launchpad From ideation to launch, you can build both your community and your business from scratch within one platform. EMBR’s trailblazing approach allows investors of all magnitudes access to highly-vetted, Hacken-audited emerging cryptocurrencies. 👑EMBR Social Gain access to a fully decentralized crypto community. For those interested in keeping up with the latest

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