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Ethereum Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

16 November, 2021


Why Kromatika (KROM)?

KROMATIKA is a decentralized crypto trading protocol enabling users to trade crypto assets with ZERO swap fees, NO Front running bots and NO Price Slippage.

KROM token is a non-mintable ERC20 utiliity token, having a 100 millions of total supply EVER.

KROM token is used as a utility token on the platform allowing users to: *Trade cryptoassets. *Receive rewards for securing the other's users trades. *Save on gas fees when trading on Ethereum blockchain.

KROMATIKA consists of:

*Audited smart contracts for creating trades and processing them, all powered by Uniswap. *UI for interacting with KROMatika smart contracts . *Off-chain decentralized processing services, responsible for active processing of the trades, powered by Chainlink Keepers. *KROM token — utility ERC20 token used for paying the service fee. This fee is paid by the users and is used to cover the cost of the processing services (Keepers).

KROM token economy

*100 millions total supply pre-mined. Non-mintable. *60 millions KROM tokens are available for trading on Decentralized Exchanges on Ethereum mainnet. For better security and prevention from rug pulls exploits, the proof of liquidity (position) from this liquidity are sent to dead wallet addresses. *20 millions KROM tokens are available for trading on Layer2 networks (Arbitrum and Optimism). *20 millions KROM tokens are held in a Gnosis Safe multisignature (2 out of 2) wallet and used solely for project funding.

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