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Binance Smart Chain



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01 December, 2021


Iron Dogecoin is the heroic version of Dogecoin. It has arrived on Binance's Smart Chain to multiply your BNBs.

Two simple features, burning and marketing to give you the best chance of moon.
No rewards, no ponzi or other forms of deception: you moon if you buy and hold, simple as that! Iron Doge will do the rest for you.

The next Doge and Shiba has arrived! he will kill the zeros with his superpower! WOOF!

IronDoge will use part of the fees collected to do strategic buybacks
of $IRONDOGE, all tokens acquired will be burned making it a deflationary token.

It will combine this with a strong utility including staking (initially
of Irondoge's native token, $IRONDOGE, but there are future plans to provide staking pools of various BSC & ETH Tokens) and a Dashboard, which shows the values of the user's funds in USD and $IRONDOGE.

Iron Dogecoin is a community driven token / platform.
Iron Dogecoin will be heard everywhere among the crypto telegram community thanks to influencers and crypto gurus.

Further plans to launch a marketing campaign on TikTok and Twitter to raise awareness and reach 100,000 holders. This will likely go hand in hand with the launch of parts of its ecosystem.

In its final stage of development Iron Dogecoin is aiming for a bridge between Bsc and Ethereum, when Ethereum finally becomes 2.0 and fees are lower so that it will be purely decentralized.

Buy Iron Dogecoin and your value will go up, you have to hold it for a long time otherwise this will not be possible. You can day trade or gamble if you want but Iron Dogecoin will not be responsible if you miss the moonshot.

When it is ready to fly and control its superpower it will explode and you will be left behind. Don't miss! 

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