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Launch Date

02 December, 2021


Are you tired of projects that don’t perform? Empty promises but no delivery?

Our team has been preparing for months, networking, closing deals and working on partnerships.

Together with you we are going to reach our goal: We will change how the blockchain is used!

More marketing coming up, including influencers (celebs, twitter, youtube, ,tg… 

The project is structured in 2 phases:


The first part of the project is a moonshot, we have the experience and the contacts to take this project far. The goal here will be to combine marketing actions ( influencers, youtube ads, poocoin ads, giveaway, listing and many other surprises ) with a solid community to reach 500M marketcap and beyond !


The second phase will be in the medium term and will be a massive crypto project. We will not disclose the exact project until we reach 500M marketcap to make sure the team and the community is focused on growth. We are not a shitcoin / memecoin, we are using BSC as a launchpad and Monk & Kaneda’s vision and plan is to bridge to ERC-20 and to remove tax as soon as the project is ready for phase two.

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