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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

14 November, 2021


The platform has three key elements: 
- The exchange 
- The AR Metaverse 
- The community

The Exchange 
The exchange is a website and app where users can purchase, trade, and mint  
their own NFTs in the form of 3D models. Once our engineering team is built  
out, we will determine which file types will be supported, but are expecting to  
explore Unity and Blender as key creator tools.

The AR Metaverse 
Users will enable the camera feature on the app to explore the real world and  
“see” the Metaverse and purchasable assets in real space.

The Community 
The community growth and enthusiasm around HMMM is why this project  
exists, and it will be a major focus for us moving forward. The experience for  
users should be one that is socially rewarding and we will continue to grow on  
Telegram, as well as introducing other platforms to meet and discuss such as  
Discord and Reddit.
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