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25 December, 2021


Ladyminers is a browser game designed to enable the farming and collection of NFTs (ERC-721) that can be used in a strategy game (RPG) based on the conquest of spaces and control of resources. Ladyminers will allow the production of assets that can be trade in the Binance Smart Chain, enabling the generation of rewards in a metaverse that will allow the mining of resources, the exchange of NFTs, bets and challenges between players.
The development of this project has consider the successes and failures of other Play-to-Earn games. This prompted us to project a structure focused on community governance that prioritizes the stability of the economic ecosystem, its interoperability and interoperability.With their effort and intelligence, players will be able to generate $YTTRIUM, a token that will allow them to have access to the NFTs available on the marketplace.

The Ladyminers economy will gravitate around the $YTTRIUM, a native token that will be powered on the BEP-20 network of the Binance Smart Chain. Players and holders of $YTTRIUM will be able to acquire miners, wagons, tools or prospecting and exploration skills. The supply of the token will be 10,000,000 of $YTTRIUM, this value will never be increased.

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