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05 December, 2021


Rari Token - The first blockchain based play to earn racing Game!

Join the Rariverse, upcoming Marketplace and multiple Giveaways while Presale! 

 Why a blockchain based game? 

Blockchain-based play to earn games have a promising future ahead of them. Many people have been given the chance to expand their income as they could earn money in addition to playing.

More and more players want to benefit from this opportunity, leading to a rapid increase in players but also in viewers.

Despite the increasing importance of the online gambling world, there are only a few market participants who can couple their offer to the blockchain and offer their users the highest profit margin. The blockchain racing games, which will be accessible through our meta-world "Rariverse", offer lucrative winnings in the form of different cryptocurrencys and also include our own $RARI token, which serves as a catalyst and enables exchange into other currencies.

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