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Binance Smart Chain



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05 December, 2021


Eyeska is a fast, infinitely scalable blockchain that promises to be a sustainable and powerful alternative to current digital payment services and mainstream financial networks. Eyeska offers an open-source and integrated suite of solutions that is anchored on decentralized blockchain technology to keep transactions secure, instantaneous, and inexpensive. With its own blockchain technology, Eyeska “O” Block, Eyeska is able to process 1 million transactions per second—eclipsing those of popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and even mainstream payment networks such as VISA. The YES is the standardized utility token within the Eyeska ecosystem. It is a hyperdeflationary token with a liquidity lock feature and other built-in price safeguards to stabilize its trade value. YES holders are incentivized with holder rewards and sokum pokum, a share in all of the organization’s profits and retained earnings. Best of all, the YES is a sustainable token, ensuring that it remains truly accessible to everyone for generations.

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