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Ethereum Smart Chain



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07 November, 2021


A new crypto coin birthed by the people who work in the research and scientist community, Robo Inu Finance (RBIF) is inspired by the idea of NASA "Robotic Dogs May Soon Be Heading To Mars". 

Robo Inu Finance is a community driven token on ERC20. Robo Inu is working on three flagship utility projects: 

- RoboWallet

-RoboLaunchpad and RoboNFT marketplace.

Robo Inu's vision is to create a tool so that individual can manage or track their cryptocurrency or fiat expenses while helping people to achieve their financial freedom

One of the vision is to establish Robo Venture which allows holders to invest into Spacex and TESLA via Robo Inu Finance with a minimal amount of money

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