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Binance Smart Chain



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29 November, 2021


ATrollCity, an expansive and humorous Collectible Card Game, brings gaming and crypto hand-in-hand to bring sustainable value to all vested parties in the ecology via a decentralized, player-centric gaming metaverse.

The game is designed ground-up to go MAINSTREAM bringing all casual and serious gamers in, converting them to crypto users. It is EASY-TO-LEARN and at the same time easily addictive giving players a fair, easy-to-use and profitable gaming experience. 

Players control an NFT AVATAR with a faithful tribe of rambunctious little creatures called TROLLETS in ATrollCity.  Together with their followers - trollets, the native inhabitants of this metaverse, collect their favorite fruit PINEAPPLES ($PINES) for all business in ATrollCity.  

Players engage in PVP battles and can earn PINES which can be traded.   Players can stake their NFTs Avatars for rewards. There will be partnerships with real-world businesses for in-game sponsorships.
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