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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

29 November, 2021


Fatcat doesn't believe in MEME coins without innovation, so innovation is what we bring.

Fatcat is powered by a dynamic price based reward mechanism. When the price is going up, dividends are collected in BUSD. When the price is going down, dividends are collected in native FATCAT tokens.Soon you will be able to track your dividend rewards and FATCAT in real-time, utilizing the first of many innovative DApps we plan to develop for Fatcats! So get ready to be a CEO & make your money work for you.The second of many DApps Fatcat plan to launch is a unique staking platform. This staking platform will utilize our unique dividends contract, as well as a new contract, which monitors the top trending crypto's on the market. This collects and distributes the the dynamically selected dividends tokens to holders to ensure they have a diversified portfolio of the hottest coins on the market. Fatcat believes in FAT bags and FAT diversification. 
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