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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

27 November, 2021


Welcome to Stone INU, the crypto with the smallest marketcap you will ever see.

Why do we say that? Because the marketcap is ridiculous (60$) so the chance to do a x100 is not small. The point is, I need liquidity as I don’t have a lot of money and I added like 30$. So if you buy now, you will get a large amount of STONE. You can easily get an x2 and then sell, but if you invest we would advice you to hold till this reaches a x10 minimum.

The liquidity is LOCKED for a year, the code is VERIFIED, the fees are 0…

The only problem this token has it’s the liquidity and the huge amount of tokens someone can buy, but you can see this as an oportunity (you can invest 20 dollars now and get like 10% of the tokens).

We can promise our teem will work hard in it. As you can see, we are being as honest as posible with you, something that not many projects will do. We won’t promise you will get rich with this token, but you can multiply your money trusting in a Stone.

What else do you need to trust in a living and happy Stone?

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