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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

26 June, 2021


{HINORISE][PRESALE LESS THAN 1 HOUR] [from undoubtfull famous Dev of Shiba and EverRise][x10000][gems] Something you don’t want to miss I have found HINORISE in Reddit recently and what I can say is, this will be the next big thing. They are plan to diversify the swap into the next standard. We usually hassle to fight with the bot when token launch where the only fast hand will get into it the earliest of time. With HINOSWAP, where a bunch of dev sits together (they already on testing mode now!) those swaps will be upgraded to snipe mode. Just imagine the regular Pancakeswap, but this creation of HINOSWAP has the ultimate upgrade with snipe mode. Not just that, you don’t need to hold any of their tokens in able to use them. I think this is the future of swap where it can solve the problem most of us face. From the team of EverRise Token, we proudly bring you the new gems of decentralized meme token that grew into a vibrant ecosystem. HINORISE is a must-watch token where holders will benefit from normal hold rewards, but it is more than that. Holder of this token will expect HINORISE will make a buyback process where the contract will manage the buying back of the tokens and burnt them whenever sell happens. With this mechanism, it will profit the holder by avoiding continuously selling at the same time. This mechanism not only makes the HINORISE sustain it in a healthy chart, but it also gives trust to the holders for the sustainable ecosystem. HINORISE plans to venture into decentralized community building with the sustainable ecosystem, where the separate team in a mids of produce HINOSWAP, out an ultimate decentralized exchange. We would love to have the community as the main shareholder on this super-reality project. We are excited to have small and even whale holders towards this aspiration and plan with this roadmap. this undoubtful will be the next gems. Let’s experiences dev lead it and you join them to get easily x1000 PRE-SALE, 25th June 2021, 1600 UTC Follow them on Telegram for more details
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