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Launch Date

26 November, 2021


Welcome to Cisco Kid Token :

We decided to perform a stealth launch to allow the public to have every opportunity to participate in the growth of Cisco Kid..

We are currently developing the website , which should be completed soon. So check back soon or join the telegram group to get the latest updates on the project.

Join our telegram here and feel free to ask any questions.

We have alot planned for Cisco Kid token. We will be developing a Metaverse game involving unique avatars that you create. You will start out with nothing and work your way up to the top. You achieve this in game by finding items and objects that can be used to swap, trade or sell in the Cisco kid Marketplace to upgrade your avatar and continue to build as you go. Our intention is so that you will be able to import this unique avatar into any metaverse you visit. You can create a nomad, a musician, a fighter etc. Game is still under development.

We also are developing Unique opportunity with 1 million copies of Konstantines music. These NFTs will be sold for $1.00 each and only 1 million minted and give the owners 20% royalties for life. The album cover art will also grant its holders free access to any concerts or events performed by Konstantine globally. the collection can be followed here

We created a Charity wallet that is designated by the community after 6 months to vote on which School globally gets financial assistance to ensure and maintain a Music Program for the children. Cisco Kid Konstantine believes that without music life is meaningless.

We created a Team wallet , Marketing wallet & Dev Wallet. All these wallets have been locked in the smart contract for 6 months. At the end of the lock period. These wallets are restricted from withdrawing large amounts. Only 20% can be withdrawn at which point the wallets will be relocked for another duration of 6 months at a time. This is to ensure the stable pricing of CKID.

Whale sniping - We create in our smart contract Whale snipping that prevents any one whale from withdrawing more than 0.01% of the total supply.

Burn Address - We have sent 50% of the total supply to the Burn address prior to launch. The burn address acts as a wallet holder and continues to burn CKID over time making CKID deflationary.

Cisco Kid is also providing the following to its holders.

12% Buy/Purchase Tax

● 3% Automatic Holders Rewards Distribution

● 3% Automatic Liquidity Pool

● 3% CharityMusic School Wallet

● 3% Public Reserve liquidity Wallet

18% Sell Tax Fee

● 4% Automatic Holders Rewards Distribution.

● 4% Automatic Liquidity Pool

● 4% Charity Music School Wallet

● 4% Public Reserve Liquidity Wallet

● 1% Marketing Wallet

● 1% Dev Wallet

All holders' rewards are automatic. All you have to do is be holding (CKID) in your wallet and it automatically will go up in rewards as long as you never sell.

Automatic liquidity is provided to pancakeswap on every transaction.

The public reserve wallet is set aside and locked to provide stability for all holders of Cisco Kid. Once a month after the duration of 6 months. There will be a pump that occurs to raise the floor price to CKID to reward the (Diamond Hand Holders )

Please visit us on Telegram if you have any additional questions about the project, to stay un to date on current events and announcements. If you feel you can provide assistance or help to the project please feel free to reach out to the Creator & Founder (Cisco Kid ) on telegram.

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