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19 November, 2021


Green Sloth is a community driven crypto project that promotes the ideas of downshifting, financial independence, and environmental sustainability.

We have all seen how the financial and labour market systems are broken. Minimum wage workers are exploited, university education does not guarantee employment and climate crisis threatens our very existence, while the world’s wealthiest keep accumulating riches for themselves.


Simply put, hard work doesn’t pay off!


Downshifting provides an alternative approach to life, where we abandon the live-to-work attitude and take back control of our lives. By re-evaluating what is important to us, we can adopt a slower and less stressful lifestyle, which provides benefits for us, our loved ones, and the environment.

For many people this kind of shift would be impossible without some level of financial independence. We believe that decentralised cryptocurrencies are a way to level the playing field, where equal opportunities and individual empowerment are possible.

Green Sloth project aims to be part of this downshifting movement by providing a financial platform and a community built around it. The project is 100 % community driven, because we believe that it is only by moving away from traditional hierarchical systems that we can truly tackle problems of the world and provide new solutions.

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