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Launch Date

17 December, 2021


Avalon is a semi-open world adventure MMO, where players use $AVL (token) as currency to make purchases and earn money while playing. It consists of a turn-based battle system, including PVE and PVP modes. You battle side by side with your familiar, each of which shall have its own unique abilities. When exploring the world of Avalon, players will encounter lots of different mythical creatures while being able to collect all sorts of unique items tied to the blockchain as NTFs. These can be traded on the marketplace on our website. Avalon will have a base storyline to follow. In addition to the main story, there will be lots of side quests to enjoy. Each zone will have unique places to explore, one being the dungeons located throughout. To enter a dungeon, you need a dungeon pass. With this pass, you can battle opponents that hide within. After completing a dungeon battle, you are eligible to have a roll on the drop table of that specific dungeon. The rewards are dependent on the difficulty of the dungeon you completed but can vary between tokens to NTFs and in-game rewards. Dungeon passes can be purchased from our website with $AVL. Our contract is based on the BEP20 network. The reason we've chosen this network is due to its popularity and low transaction costs.

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