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28 October, 2021


Ponyo-Inu is the world’s first anime-inspired “auto-impact” investing token. Inspired by the ocean-based 2008 Japanese film about a rescued goldfish, our founders are on a mission to prove that Web 3.0 can make the world a better place. In testing our thesis, we devised a sustainable investing model. 3% of all Ponyo-Inu transactions are automatically donated to the Coral Restoration Foundation, one of the world’s most effective non-profit organizations supporting coral reefs’ natural recovery processes.

We are setting the paradigm that investing in crypto can be a fundamentally sustainable business. And that investors can still earn an adequate return while automatically sending a portion to support global causes.

As of 3 and a half weeks after launch over $720,000 has been donated to the Coral Restoration Foundation. 

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