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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

19 November, 2021


Have you been naughty or nice this year? Well Naughty Santa doesn't care, you all get gifts! $BUSD straight to your wallet this Christmas!

NaughtySanta - $NASA, a low MCAP Gem which Stealth-Launched on Nov 19th 2021 with its anti-bot, anti-whale and high rewards systems was initiated by an international team of blockchain enthusiasts, dedicated to the rewarding those who possess the power of HODL!

Although the Anti Bot and Anti Whale measures which were put in place gave us a slower start, they were most certainly worth it as now we are taking off with no bots or whales in sight.

With Christmas making its way in to the cryptocurrency market, it was only right that we put together this token now so you can bag those high $BUSD rewards in time for the festivities! Or what ever else you decide, we don’t judge here, the clue is in the name. There is only one punishment, and that is selling! You will be stripped of your rights to claim any further rewards! Even Naughty Santa doesn’t approve of that!

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