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05 December, 2021


Way more than a cryptocurrency.

Wukoin is the main currency of the Wukong Project - a long term project aiming at becoming a the main point of reference for the whole crypto and tech community.

No need to sell for profits(but you're free to do it).

Holders will keep getting rewards in the form of ETH reflections.

Wukong Mantra Charity

Not only this, the Wukong Project is building Wukong Mantra, a nonprofit organization, with the purpose of helping others and providing happiness to everyone.

The Mantra wallet automatically gets thanks to the Wukoin's contract and allows us to use that money for charitable initiatives.


Are you an artist, a promoter or a marketer? The most active and helpful community members will be rewarded with a special spotlight for them on our platform. Use your skills to help the community and we'll make sure to give you visibility in a much broader market, for fame and bigger career opportunities.

Join the #WukongProject revolution and make history.

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