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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

01 November, 2021


What is Comunit?

Comunit is a platform for community driven evaluations of the company. The community's currency in an economy where individuals trade value with each other, nothing matters more than our community.

Going forward, even in the most important decisions, the whole community will be involved. Success depends on the shared strength of the individuals who belong to the community.

In this way, everyone is motivated to work together in order to achieve their common goals. We will create a community held together by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of interconnected people.

We want to intentionally use the power of community to create a varied and ever-growing community built into the COMUNIT ecosystem.

You decide on the events of the project via the voting system. Comunit is the basis for a long-term project, only together can we achieve what we want to achieve. We as a Comunit have it our task to help those who are having a hard time themselves and who do have the necessary change, and together as a community we can do it.

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