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30 November, 2021


The BlocVault project was started by a group of crypto investors and developers who came together through socials and other projects over the past year. Our vision was to change the game together, we believe we have a unique advantage in this space because we have brought together business owners, crypto investors and blockchain developers to create the perfect blend of knowledge for what’s in store. Each of us offer something totally different to the project from our professional fields which is extremely beneficial to the BlocVault ecosystem.

Our mission is to make life easier for everyone, both for the everyday investors and also newcomers to the world of blockchain and crypto investing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been trading and investing in crypto for years or if you’ve just found out about crypto and want to start investing and building a solid future. We aim to create a suite of mobile and web based apps for every investor. A place to invest, buy and sell, store cryptocurrency and tokens, chat with friends and a lot more!

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