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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

01 August, 2021


◎ NIMMO TOKEN is a native token of DEVA Token for ease of doing business for lower transaction fees and high use of Binance Smart Chain by Crypto Market. NIMMO Token was developed by the community working in BlockChain, Crypto trading, Marketing and Crypto Listing and Ads Services. ◎ Community is influential in Crypto Markets and has a large base of its followers. ◎ Community is continually expanding their economy onto more blockchains, and is committed to bringing their innovative technology solutions to each of those represented blockchains. ◎ Establishing a Base Token on Different Blockchains, NIMMO will operate its protocol on different blockchains depending on the building blocks needed in that blockchain’s marketplace. ◎ Grow with partners. - Platform growth is the growth of all partners. - Helps secure users and increase trust through various promotions.
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