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19 November, 2021


Welcome to 10PERCENT. A new structure in blockchain technology that will allow everyone involved to accumulate passive income. 10% of each transaction is redistributed in the system to all holders of $ TPC tokens in USDT-bep20 tokens. #nodogs #nomoon #nobaby #norockets #nofinance #nonft #nomarketplace #notelegramgroup #nosocials #nobignews #nostaytunned #noaudits #nolistings #noads #nomarketing #simple #effective #innovative Welcome aboard! 10PERCENT - 10% USDT Dividends - Nothing Else. 

All $TPC transactions will be charged a total of 16% [purchases, sales and transfers].

The 16% tax rate is divided into: 

2% is automatically added to the liquidity pool.

4% redirected to the wallet that will pay for the maintenance of the project.

10% Dividends distributed to holders in USDT-bep20. 

*add to your wallet the USD-bep20 contract or activate it from the tokens list. 

Rewards are paid automatically every 60 minutes. The only condition to receive a reward is to own minimum 1000 $TPC tokens

Launch on PancakeSwap in 24hours after pre-sale is finished.

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