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Binance Smart Chain



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14 November, 2021


HunterDoge and his friends have been active investors in the crypto-sphere since the very start. They've seen the 100x and 1000x gems go to the moon before their very eyes. However when they trusted and relied on research tools and 

platforms designed to help them find these gems, they lost their money because the information was botted and manipulated most of the time. They realized how important it was to not just research the tokens, but also the platforms to see where the most reliable information was compiled. They were shocked to realize that all these platforms heavily allowed the information to be botted. Usually bots are used to make repetitive tasks more efficient how ever in this case, it leads to information that cannot be relied on. That is how HunterDoge and his friends decided to make their own platform that cannot be manipulated. A platform that is on the blockchain and the information is true and verifiable.

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