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Binance Smart Chain



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28 June, 2021


MoonWookiee is a good looking shitcoin with really decent looking liquidity fundamentals. Contract verified on BSC scan already. They are waiting for DessertSwap audit before pulling the trigger. Presale is done on a custom smart contract, which sounds ok but also impressive. I am actually happy about this cos Unicrypt and DXsale been killing new project launches sometimes. Presale is also very limited, so shouldn’t be much problem with early dumps. Tokenomics look simple, sort of. 10% tax. ✅8% semi-auto liquidity. ✅2% reflected to holders. As far as I can tell. There is an objective 30% liquidity ratio of the market cap, and excess WOOK is burned, and BNB buys MORE WOOK (which pumps the price), and then burned, which pumps it again. This is similar to what everrise tried to do, but as far as I can tell, RISE was exploitable and WOOK has improved to not be exploited. Audit, MADLABS backing, and renounced contract. Small presale and better than RISE liquidity plans? Feels kinda good right
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2 years before ago

Im am confident this is going to the moon on Monday



2 years before ago

MoonWookiee to the moon brossss


BSC boi

2 years before ago

This liquidity feature going to be real interesting. When it pumps, liquidity is pulled and used to buy more wook to burn, making the pump stronger. When it pulls back, no liqudity is removed, meaning there needs to be a dramatic sell off to have the same impact as the pumps. Gonna moon.

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