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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

14 November, 2021


Goodbye OnlyFans! 

It's time to beat OnlyFans and combine the power of NFTs with the vastness of the adult industry. NFTboobs intends to lead the global adoption of adult NFTs. Get ready for a revolution straight to the moon! 

Token Distribution and Tokenomics 

🍓NFTBoobs ($BOOBS) is an unmintable BEP-20 token with a fixed total supply of 100,000,000 distributed as: 

✅ 50% Burn

Half of token burns

✅ 40% Liquidity Pool / Ecosystem

These tokens will be used for centralized exchange listings, ecosystem and will be released after 2 years, starting December 2021.

✅ 5% Team Wallet

These tokens will be distributed to the team over a span of 2 years, 5% per month, starting May 2022.

✅ 5% Marketing + Airdrops

These tokens will be used for creator bonuses, marketing and airdrops. They are gradually released starting from December 2021 until June 2022. 

⚠️ Additionally 1 million $BOOBS airdrop will be released and distributed to 100 winners in January 2022. 


Buy Fee is 12% per transaction and includes:

— 2% is automatically awarded to holders

— 3% goes to Pancakeswap liquidity pool

— 7% goes to development and marketing

Sell Fee is 12% Buy Fee + 5% Extra Fee On Buyback 

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