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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

11 November, 2021


POPCOIN - is a meme token on Binance Smart Chain(BSC). This token is based of cat that makes popping sound with his mouth, which is a very popular meme. Our token is made to unite people that love that meme. POPCOIN has different functions to be susceptible to growth and to satisfy its holders. The token is improving and its community is growing every day, team is working hard to make this token a brand which has its DEXs, NFTs and other useful technologies.

The token is driven by its community and totally depends on it, so the team is looking forward to building the strong and loyal community around the POPCOIN. 

There are 2 functions that are working on every transaction. Total tax on every transaction is 4%, 2% is burnt and 2% is distributed to holders.

Burn tax is working using burn function in the smart contract. This tax makes the token deflationary which predisposes it to growth. While other crypto assets are burnt just through one time transactions, POPCOIN combines singular burns and burn tax on every transaction. 

Distribution tax rewards its long term holders. 2% of every transaction is distributed between every holder accordingly to their share in the token. This makes long-term holders rewarded for their loyalty. 

All the taxes are working automatically through smart contract functions.

Safety measures:

Liquidity is locked for one year using Mudra platform. 

Ownership is renounced, so the developer can’t change anything in the contract anymore.

Developer wallet only holds 3% of the non-burnt supply.

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